Our theme for the year is Living in Gratitude

Sunday Service

11:00 am

• 3918 San Juan Ave • Port Townsend • WA
• email us info@unitypt.org or mail to
P.O. Box 1853

Unity is for people who consider themselves spiritual but not religious.

Featured Events

Healing Arts Symposium

Sat., Oct. 5th, 10 am-6 pm

Local Healers share their vision and expertise.

  • 10-11 Shakti Dieste: Hypnotherapy $15
  • 11-12 Lynette Bullard : Vocalizations and Healing $5-25
  • 12-1 Linden deVoil: Do Herbs Work Free event
  • 12-1 Suzanne Rodgers: Natural Birth and Nursing $25
  • 1:30-2 Healing Prayer Circle Free event
  • 2-3 Ida Wingrove: Therapeutic Healing Touch $10
  • 2:30-4 Dawn Darrington: CBD, Cannabis Healing $25
  • 3-4 Sonya Zohar: Ceremony Prayer and Dance $20
  • 4-5 Zylpha Elliott: Healing Ourselves and Mother Earth $25
  • 5-6 Clara Frederickson: Meditative Drumming $20

An Evening of Music October 9, 7pm

  • the sweet voices of Jessalyn and Ember
  • American Idol contestant, Kalan Wolfe and Keely
  • folk songs with Simon and Linden deVoil
  • Clara Frederickson
  • Trudy Roush with music and songs
  • Cliff Self and the Unknown Fiddlers
  • the Diamond Pointless Ukulele Group
  • 3 Stars and a Skye , rocking good time
  • Chris Montgomery and Skeeter with Rock and Rhythm.

Rev. Simon Ruth DeVoil
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Watch Grateful Harmony Concert with Aimee Kelly and Rev. Simon

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Unity is an open-minded, accepting spiritual community that honors all paths to God and helps people to both discover and live their spiritual potential and purpose.

Photo by Jonathan Ward.

Photo by Karolina Anderson.

October Messages

Letting Be and Letting Go

Oct. 6th ~ St Francis Sunday with Rev. Simon, animal blessings at 12:30 following service

Oct. 13th ~ Letting Be and Letting Go with Rev. Pam

Oct. 20th ~ Spiritual Discussion with Rev. Pam and Rev. Simon

Oct. 27th ~ Times of Shadow and Light with Rev. Pam

Reverend Pam Douglas Smith
Rev. Pam Douglas-Smith

Rev. Pam has spoken internationally on the Holy Grail, The Magdalene, the Mystical Cathars, the Catechism of the Tarot, and The Saints of Assisi. Did sabbatical last year and was blessed to go on a retreat to Glastonbury Chalice Well, the Holy Isle of Iona, and Chartres Cathedral. Going back to France in September this year – retreat at Chartres and then pilgrimage to the Magdalene & Cathar sites in the South of France.

Spiritual gypsy . . . ordained Unity minister . . . married to Lane Smith, Sr.

Unity Events