Searching for something.? Unity might have an answer.

Our Vision

We are an authentic transformative spiritual community. Centered in God, we co-create a world that works for all.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote spiritual awareness and conscious living through inspirational services, music, and programs that honor the Divine Presence within.

Our Core Values

We lovingly welcome people of all spiritual paths and diverse lifestyles.
We constantly innovate to provide new, positive and exciting experiences.
We operate within a culture of appreciation, growth and accountability.

The Path of Mystical Christianty ~ 2020

  • January ~ The Principles of Unity
  • February ~ The Great Tree of Life
  • March~ Love & Compassion ~ The Hidden Church of Amor
  • April ~ Wisdom & Understanding ~ Celtic Christianirty
  • May ~ Rev. Simon Ruth DeVoil ~ Rev. Pam on Sabbatical
  • June ~ Honor & Humility ~ Chartres and the Labyrinth
  • July ~ Strength & Courage ~ St. Francis and St. Claire
  • August ~ Clarity & Truth ~ Mary Magdalene and Jesus
  • September ~ Power & Healing ~ The Beguines & Vita Apostolica
  • October ~ Light & Goodness ~ Cathars & Terra Lucita
  • November ~ Grace & Beauty of Spirit~ The Grail Mysteries
  • December ~ Celebration of Divine Light