"We are an Authentic Transformative Spiritual Community ~ Centered in God, we co-create a world that works for all."

Sunday Meetings, 11:00 a.m.  -  3918 San Juan Ave, in Port Townsend

Unity Spiritual
Enrichment Center

“Home of Unity Church of Port Townsend, WA”

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Uniting with the spiritual community of Unity is one that lives our statements of

UNITY - Spirituality with . . . Open Hearts . . . Open Minds

You need not change your affiliations to any other spiritual tradition or church to become a part of the Unity circle.  You need only feel that this gathering of fellow seekers is your spiritual home.  With membership, you are simply honoring the inner connection you have with Unity and with this Port Townsend group of kindred souls.
Please complete a Membership Card and see Rev. Pam to join.

Our Membership Promise:
Unity Church of Port Townsend has become my spiritual home. I wish to hereby join this community in full, active membership.  I open to experience a peaceful, grace-filled life in this Authentic Transformative Spiritual Community as together we share our gifts and blessings in loving celebration of the Path of the Universal Christ.

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Unity Spiritual Enrichment Center

Authentic . . .

Where all can honestly share their soul journey and talents

Transformative . . .

Where each can grow consciously and gracefully at depth

Spiritual . . .

Where the many miraculous expressions of Spirit are welcomed

Community . . .

Where all of life is shared amid caring, kindred spirits

Welcome to
Unity Spiritual Enrichment Center
of Port Townsend, WA

Unity is an Authentic Transformative Spiritual Community . . .

Centered in Godde, we co-create a world that works for all.

Unity is a positive, practical, progressive approach to Christianity based on the metaphysical teachings of Jesus and the mystical power of prayer.  

Unity celebrates the universal truths in all religions and honors each individual’s right to choose a spiritual path.

Come home to a circle of kindred spirits where we seek to celebrate that Divine Presence which infills and unites all of us and our world.

Our Unity Prayer



Unity Circle on hiatus for July & August        

     Beginning in April, Unity Circle with Rev. Pam will begin reading a new book, "Discover the Power Within You" by Eric

    Butterworth. Study will proceed a chapter at a time with plenty of room for exploration. Copies are available in the bookstore for

    $15. Grab a coffee and join in fun metaphysical discussions!


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by your tithes and love offerings.

Your gifts to this ministry are the firm foundation upon which this ministry gently rests.

Thank you so much for your support!

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No Magdalene Circle in July

"Rev. Pam, Sky and Diane invite all women to participate in the Magdalene Circle. The book being studied this year is "The Wisdom Jesus: Transforming Heart and Mind - A New Perspective on Christ and His Message" by Cynthia Bourgeault

Every Wednesday 6:30 – 7:30PM
Come watch spiritual films & join in interesting
Discussions with kindred souls to enrich and inspire your life.
“On Hiatus Until Autumn”

Unity 2015 . . . Thrive!

A Treasury of Inspirational Writings

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“Walking Sacred Paths: Magdalene,
Jesus and the Labyrinth”

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The St. Columba Chapel and Cross

John 14: 8 – 17      Why doubt?  Advocate to help.  Believe . . . do these things . . . ask & will be done

I sit here alone in the coolness of ancient stone with the warmth of early summer sun just touching the ledges below the --- window.  Walls of multi-colored stones soar upward into a peaked roof, fitted together into intricate designs with the gray of worn mortar between.  Only four high backed simple wood chairs give place to sit in this tiny stone abode.  Beneath my feet, a woven rug of blues softens the rustic, faded wooden floor.  The tiny doorway, a portal to this place of peace and prayer, is a stone arch that at the top but barely tall enough for even an average size woman to step beneath without bending over. The door is always open with wood curved at the top to fit with substantial iron handle, key hole and nails.  A simple altar set with a continually burning candle in red glass that gives a flickering welcome even in the darkest night.  

Above the altar, the St. Columba cross graces this sacred place.  Pieces of carved wood with symbolic images are woven together into a celtic cross with a circle of oneness uniting it all.   Each set-in piece a work of art in and of itself.  Each calling for attention and contemplation.  Reminiscent of Celtic knot-work with its intricate interweaving of elements to create a whole that contains the whole world.  A perfect place to open to receive the gifts of Iona and the tradition of St. Columba.

At the crest of the cross is the Dove . . . symbol of St. Columba and reminder that the Holy Spirit abides above and within everything.  The Presence of the Divine is ever with us, soaring in flight linking the kingdoms of heaven and earth.  Birds abide all over this island and their varied songs fill the air day and night.  They are of the realm of creation that is literally free from earthbound life in their natural state.  No wonder they sing.  As I write this, movement draws my attention.  A little bird of black with pale yellow-white chest has flown over my head here in the chapel. I wonder if it has become trapped in here, but It flies back up to the littlest window above the doorway. . . and lands in its tiny nest of sticks and leaves.  I can see the edge of it hanging over the stone ledge below the window.  It is home.

Immediately below the Dove and at the center of the cross is St. Columba himself with arms outstretched.  Adorned in a simple robe with a cross on the chest, he opens to embrace all of creation. The image welcomes both the Divine and the depth and breadth of humanity.  The arms are not only outstretched, they reach upwards.  Like Jesus at the feeding of the five thousand when he lifted the loaves and fishes up and blessed them.  He gave thanks before passing the baskets through the crowd.  St. Columba almost two thousand years ago stepped upon this holy earth of Iona.  He walked here and served in ways that continue to inspire.  He wrote “Iona of my heart, Iona of my love, Instead of monk’s voices will be the lowing of cattle; but ‘ere the world ends, Iona shall be as it was.”

On the arm to the left, we find an intricate Celtic knot representing the union of all within the Divine matrix.  The essence of life that links us all.  It is perfect that Iona Abbey into which this chapel is nestled is home for a community of faith that honors divine and human while seeking to create a world of loving justice through mutual understanding.  Pilgrims come from all over the planet to visit here.  As I write, the clicking of my netbook keys are in perfect rhythm with the walking of visitors on the pebbled paths that lie just outside.  I can hear voices of many languages, many whose varied cadences I can’t distinguish but whose essence I feel.  A bit of a foreshadowing of the Kingdom of Heaven to come in which the separation created at the Tower of Babel is reharmonized into one language.  It is already happening whenever we abide together in peace and love, allowing our differences to fall away.  For in the sharing of our humanity and in our dedication to the divine we are truly one.  Woven together by Godde.

And at St. Columba’s right hand is the Celtic Goose, symbolic of the natural realms with all its myriad of creatures great and small.  In Genesis, as each form of life is created the Divine Presence proclaims it as good.  In the ancient scriptures we are not given dominion, we are entrusted.  And so all around this island, the animals live and have their being.  From the sheep and cattle in the fields to the seals and otters that swim the waters.  There is a kinship between St. Columba and St. Francis that runs deep and true. Both saw the natural world as divinely created and blessed rather than as a place of outcast and sin.  On the day that St. Columba died, he seemed well but a white horse came a laid its head on his shoulder and grieved in knowledge that the Saint would return to Spirit that night.  Communion with animals to such a degree that true kything in silent understanding linked him with all creatures at a level that reminds us we are interwoven one with the other always.

At St. Columba’s feet sitting upon the rocks of the bay on Iona where is l

anded is a little boat with mast but no sails.  The coracle is the vessel that carried him across the seas from Ireland to Scotland.  Some say by choice, others by mandate, and others when cast out for challenging the authority of the Roman church.  In some stories he set his sails and found Iona, but in others he was set adrift and trusted the wind of spirit to move him across the waters to his appointed place.  However he arrived on Iona, it was a true journey of his soul.  Called by God, responding by acting, surrendering by trusting the unfoldment, and establishing his faith where-ever he landed.  We too must take those leaps of faith and learn a powerful lesson.  That even when we land on rocky shores, it can be wonderful.  Iona is said to have its foundation on the oldest rock on earth.  It was to this vortex of creation that he came, and there he built.  The journey of sea, guided by wind, lit by sunlight and moonlight, and finding home at depth of earth.  Reminding us to journey as well.



Sunday Messages

This month's inspirational reading is
"Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" by Deepak Chopra

Eighteen of Unity's finest showed up on this bright, warm day for
fellowship and good hard work to spruce up the gardens at our church.

There was lots of weeding, clearing, and carrying
to the dump for recycling .......…  Then we all stopped at noon to break bread and visit.

All in all is was a glorious day.