Walking the Path of Intention

  • Claim the power of your intention by joining with Spirit.
  • Open to your visions through your intentions.
  • Walk as you build through this process of gratitude and prayer.

Sept 1, 2018 on the Larry Scott Trail

Sponsored by Unity Spiritual Enrichment Center

Welcome – Each participant given shell necklace and passport to be stamped.



  1. Grounding – exercise in breathing and connecting with the earth, feeling your feet touch the earth, walking with intention.  
  2. Gratitude – Each participant given a small folded booklet to hold origami papers.  Write on origami paper what you are grateful for (you can do as many or few as needed) store in folder.
  3. Intentions – Write your intentions on origami paper for (you can do as many or few as needed) store in folder.
  4. Love Add a line to the “Love Poem” a collaborative project with all participants.
  5. Prayer – a Time for inner quiet and reflection as you explore other world religions and practices.

Origami project – turn papers into little boxes which can later be put on a string of lights, like FOL.    Water & Snacks – Music entertainment with Rev Simon and others, merrymaking and relaxation.