Rev. Pam’s Adult Spiritual Summer Camp!                                 The Enchanted Map

The Enchanted Map for Unity Port Townsend ClassThursdays from 2-4 from July 12 through August 23

Come play with kindred souls and Rev. Pam this summer as we enter a gateway into intuitive realms of spirit and to a more ensouled life.  As a guide for the journey, we’ll use Colette Baron-Reid’s The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards and her matching book The Map.  These will enhance our insights as we encounter spiritual landscapes so our outer life journey is guided by the wisdom of the soul.  We’ll journey together for seven weeks.

July 12  Soul Journey & Pathworking                                                                                                                  July 19   Ch 1&2:  Where Are You?  When Are you?                                                                                             July 26   Ch 3&4: Lost in the Ghostlands & Who is Guiding You?                                                                           Aug 2   Ch 5&6:  Allies, Conversations & Transformations                                                                   Aug 9   Ch 7&8:  Treasures, Talismans and Why Are You Here?                                                                     Aug 16   Ch 9&10:  Finding and Working the Magic                                                                                       Aug 23  Ch 11&12  Making the Magic Real

SLO of $15/ class or only $75 for the entire seven week series

Please register now through the Unity office!