SOPHIA SEMINARS   with Rev. Pam, Sky Dempster and Diane Vaux

Sunday July 22, 2-5 pm Sophia Seminar with Rev. Pam, Diane Vaux and Sky Dempster.  Encountering Magdalene, Jesus and the Mysteries.

Sunday, April 22 (Earth Day) 2-5pm                                                           A Path of Reflection and Renewal                                                                   We’ll present the spiritual practice of Solitary Office and how to create sacred space amid a busy world. We’ll do a blend of presentation, music, meditation and creative ritual. Each participant will make a 5 Element Portable Rood Screen using images and words collaged onto a folding canvas to take home.

Sunday, July 22  2-5pm                                                                   Encountering Magdalene, Jesus and the Mysteries                          We’ll celebrate St. Madgalene’s Day by deeply connecting with Magdalene, Jesus, the Church of Amor and the Mystery School Traditions.   We’ll do a blend of presentation, music/meditation, journaling and sharing. Each will collage a personal Magdalene Altar Card with images, words and energies as an personal icon.

Saturday, Nov 3  10am-3pm ~ Mini-Retreat                                                           Finding the Sacred in the Commonplace                                            We’ll use focus on Alice O. Howell’s “The Dove in the Stone” along with other Celtic Spirituality sources to reconsecrate our place in the world. We’ll do a blend of presentation, music, meditation, art/journaling and sharing.  Each participant will create a Circle of Life collage around the 5 aspects of being to take home as an inspiration to remember the sacred everywhere. There will be an Iona slide show and potluck lunch.