Friday, April 20 – 2018
10am -4pm
Light Lunch Included

“Transformational, humorous and practical! Sarah has a way of sharing that made me look at a truth I avoided for years. She took the DIS out of my function by making these life lessons fun!” Lisa W. 

• Discover how the Crystal Blue Sapphire Soul Retrieval™ System will free you from old wounds
• Clear out the other EMF (Emotional Manipulative Frequency) stunting your growth
• Learn the practical magic of the CGP system. Center. Ground. Protect. It’s CPR for the body, mind and spirit!

Join Sarah Nash for an afternoon of self-discovery as you map your heart, dump the doom and rise above the cloud cover in your world. Sarah often says:

Please do not listen to other people tell you what they think you should be feeling at any given moment. Especially when you are frustrated, upset or in pain. Listen to yourself.
Chances are though, you’ve not heard yourself for quite some time.
The epiphany is that the alchemy of our emotions can heal us if we are allowed to feel them. The task is to identify the sensation, experience it and flow through that specific period of time with authenticity.
Please do not involve yourself with people who cannot reciprocate with consistency or communicate without diminishing you.
Compromise doesn’t mean you surrender.

It means you LOVE YOURSELF FIRST.  Can you dump the accusations of “ego!” that you think you’ll hear from people who won’t be able to control you anymore?  I’ll show you how to throw out the limiting nonsense of how ‘selfish’ you’ll become if you aspire to such ‘arrogance’ and put the “oxygen on yourself first.”

Cosmic Triage™ is Self Care during a crisis. And “life” can be that on-going crisis when you’ve forgotten how to center, ground and protect yourself.