Rev Simon will continue to share his gift of song with Unity each month in the “Grateful Harmony” Concert Series.
The first concert is on Friday, Feb 16 at 7 pm with special musical guest, Trina Brunk. The theme is all about Love, so bring your Valentine! Trina is offering a chance to connect before the concert from 3-5 for a valuable workshop enabling you to connect soul to voice and back again!
The ticket cost is $5-$20. Thank you for your generous donation to this series!
The workshop with Trina is a fabulous chance to learn about your personal rhythm with “Your Soul Sings Too”

3-5 pm “Your Soul Sings Too” ─ with Trina Brunk
A co-creative gathering for people who want to feel freer and more able to connect with their authentic voice.
Deepen self-acceptance while coming into resonance with the whole through toning, singing sacred chants, and learning some of the songs that Trina will be singing during the evening concert, so those who choose can join in.
$15 suggested workshop love donation! Your generosity is appreciated!

Trina Brunk Website
Rev. Simon de Voil Website