Sunday, August 8, 2021

Topic: Heart Wisdom
Sermon: Rev Pam
Special music: Clara

======= Order of Service =======



  ♫ I Am Home

Unity Affirmation & Light Candles

  ♫ Blue Boat Home


Prayer Requests & Daily Word

  ♫ Singing Field


  ♫ Special Music 23rd Psalm

Message: Heart Wisdom

  ♫ There is Only Love


  ♫ Unknown Blessings

  ♫ Peace Song

Candles and Chime

Coffee Hour



======= Lyrics =======


I Am Home
I am home, I am home
I have traveled far along this road
And now I’m home.
Shalom, shalom,
In the love of God I am home


Come, Light, Light of God
Come, Light, Light of God,
Give light to creation.
Enlighten our hearts;
And remain with your world


Blue boat home by Peter Meyer
Though below me I feel no motion
Standing on these mountains and plains
Far away from the rolling ocean
Still my dry land heart can say
I’ve been sailing all my life now
Never harbor nor port have I known
The wide universe is the ocean I travel
And the Earth is my blue boat home

Sun, my sail and moon, my rudder
As I ply the starry sea
Leaning over the edge in wonder
Casting questions into the deep
Drifting here with my ship’s companions
All we kindred pilgrim souls
Making our way by the lights of the heavens
In our beautiful blue boat home

I give thanks to the waves upholding me
Hail the great winds urging me on
Greet the infinite sea before me
Sing the sky my sailor’s song
I was born upon the fathoms
Never harbor or port have I known
The wide universe is the ocean I travel

And the Earth is my blue boat home 


Singing field by Chloe Goodchild
Beyond ideas of right and wrong doing
There is a field, a singing field
I’ll meet you there X 3


Psalm 23 by James Block (adapted by Simon de Voil)
Yahweh is my shepherd X2
I won’t lack for anything I need.

Yahweh makes me lie down X2
In fields of grass and please green
and gives me peace.

Yahweh guides my pathway X2
To quiet waters, God leads me to drink.
And I will drink, I will drink.

Yahweh restores my soul X2
So I can walk in righteousness for his name’s sake.

When I walk through the valley I will fear no evil
For I know you are with me, your rod & your staff
You comfort me, you comfort me.

Yahweh prepares the table X2
In the presence of all my fears.

Yahweh blesses me X2
And my cup is overflowing
And on my head, oil is pouring
Pour over me, pour over me.

Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all my days,
All my days.

Yahweh is my shepherd X2
And I will dwell in God’s house for ever more
For ever more, for ever more.


There is only love by Michael Gott
In this moment, in this place,
I remember who I am.
Letting fear and worry fall away from me.
I open my eyes and see.
There is only love.
There is only love.
Love that heals,
Love that sets us free.
There is only love

When I lose myself,
when I feel I’ve lost my way.
When I go inside and quiet my mind,
I can hear Spirit gently say,


Unknown blessings by Ben Bochner
O, the stars above us twinkle
Yeah, they put on quite a show
They say the light that meets our eyes today
Was born a million years ago 
And it spells out quite a story
In strands of DNA
The same spark that birthed the universe
Is born in us today
And they’re already on their way,
already on their way
Give thanks for unknown blessings,
Already on their way [repeat]

Now, this world is a funhouse mirror
Sometimes you feel just like a clown
Everything’s distorted
Everything seems upside down
And the truth it just gets twisted
Like a rope gets torn and frayed
‘Til it feels like you can’t hold on no more
‘Til you just might slip away
And they’re already on their way…

Well now history’s a spiral
Sometimes it’s hard to see
Through the smoke and the blood and the tear-gas
That it’s the path of victory
It’s a crooked road we walk upon
Strung with miracles on the way
But like raindrops to the ocean
We’ll make it there someday
And we’re already on our way …


Peace Song
Yes there is peace on earth and yes it begins with me
Yes there is peace of earth, a peace that was meant to be
With God as creator united all are we
Yes we walk with each other in perfect harmony

Yes peace begins with me, yes this is the moment now
With every breath I take let this be my joyous vow
To take each moment and live each moment in peace eternally
Yes there is peace on earth and yes it begins with me.