Solstice/Full Moon Tune-up Circle with Crystal Singing Bowls

Event details

  • Saturday | December 22, 2018
  • 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Solstice Crystal Bowl workshop at Unity Port TownsendCherie Byrd, Energy Mastery Trainer

Is offering a Solstice/full moon Singing Bowl Tune-up

Saturday Dec 22, 10am – 1pm   Unity of Port Townsend, Hearth Room

The confluence of the full moon and the winter solstice energies this Saturday create an amazingly powerful opportunity to fine-tune our energies for the best possible outcomes for All. What better way to begin a new solar year?

The Solstice energies help to build Unity. They are about letting go of differences. They are about forgiveness, and they are about removing the illusion of separation.

The full moon energy on Saturday at 0° Cancer is about excitement, positive change and pleasant surprises.

Before the crystal-bowl manifestation and healing rituals begin we will spend time aligning ourselves; grounding, embodying our energy bodies and opening our chakras.  This month we will have a special focus on opening our crown chakra to our Higher Self while staying in our body as a grounded, multi-dimensional BEing.

Tuition $40, or as you are able    RSVP appreciated

Max 10 participants

Cherie Byrd, MA has been teaching energy mastery since the mid 70’s and currently specializes in Spiritual Awakening, Holistic Healing, Conscious Evolution, Soul Hypnosis, Sacred Relationships and Embodying our Soulself. She is in practice in Port Townsend WA and can be reached at