Coalesce – Re-Emergence of Contemplative Spirituality

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  • October 2, 2022
  • 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Rev Robert offers an online experience called ‘Coalesce

Last year’s theme was “The Path of Conscious Love”
The theme for 2022 is “Re-Emergence of Contemplative Spirituality”

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Thank you for taking time to read this overview.

First, a quick word about Contemplation and Interbeing. In brief, Contemplation is learning to see; learning to live in loving presence with what is; meeting reality in its most simple and immediate form. In brief, Interbeing is living with higher consciousness of a reality where human beings inter-are with all of reality; a deep recognition that our presence brings about the full presence of all life. To encapsulate both those ideas, our Crowdcast is named “Coalesce.” And it is ours. Your well-being and my well being are one-being, Interbeing. We Inter-Are. We don’t simply coexist, we Coalesce.

We come to the full realization of Interbeing through Contemplation, through contemplative Spirituality. Contemplation is the only ultimate answer to the unreal and insane world that our financial systems, our advertising culture, and our chaotic and unexamined emotions encourage us to inhabit. To learn contemplation is to learn what we need so as to live truthfully and honestly and lovingly. It is a deeply revolutionary matter. Contemplation is the change that changes everything.

Season three will help us rediscover essential contemplative foundations and rebuild our spirituality from the bottom up. Contemplative spirituality, especially for Christians, historically was the mainstream and it slowly dwindled and was lost in the 1600’s. Contemplative spirituality has not been widely taught for almost 500 years. These original teachings are at the heart of Christianity. Returning to the original teaching we have more a way of knowing and cleaning the lens of perception than a theistic religion concerned with metaphysical “God” questions. The original teaching is a philosophy, a worldview, a set of practices to free us for truth and love; teaching us not what to see, instead how to see. The original teaching provides insights and principles that address the how of spiritual practice and offer us genuinely new divine encounter or engagement. Thankfully people like Alan Watts, Thomas Merton, Thomas Keating, Joan Chittister, Cynthia Bougeault, Richard Rohr and others are facilitating the re-emergence of contemplative spirituality. Thus bringing contemplative spirituality back to the forefront of Christian and western spirituality. This season’s messages are for spiritual seekers of any (or no) tradition and Christians too! Drawing from wisdom teachers of all religions, we will reframe neglected and misunderstood teachings to reveal the basic pattern of reality: God as loving relationship. From this nondual awareness, we can act in ways of compassion and healing for the world.

I am an interspiritual minister and my personal spiritual path is grounded in the Christian contemplative tradition. I grew up in Christianity and was ministerially trained in interspirituality and contemplation including a two year school with Richard Rohr, Cynthia Bourgault, James Finley, Barbara Holmes, and Brian McLaren. So, it only makes sense that season 3’s spiritual teaching will begin with a contemplative Christianity perspective and expand out to other traditions where appropriate. The format for our 2022 Crowdcast series will contain many of the same elements and some new ones. We’ll integrate spiritual practice into each session. For example, the key spiritual practices of gratitude, breath, silence, and presence can be found in each of the world’s major wisdom traditions.

In general, each session will progress in this order: An opening song, time for each of us to share what we are grateful for, a call to presence, a breath practice, then the spiritual and theological teaching in three short segments of 4 or 5 minutes—each followed by a period of silence, then a piece of reflective music. An important part of education, in any form, is to reflect on what we learned. At the end of the teaching, each person will have an opportunity to share one “take away” from the days reflection. In closing, we will share an intention for the sick, the suffering, and the grieving. Our first session will be a wider and deeper looking introduction to the season. After that, topics will include Experience, Dualistic and Nondual Thinking, Centering Prayer, Meditation, The Law of Three, and more…

And as for now, I send you my gratitude for your time and your presence. I hope to see you in 2022 as we encounter, discover and create “the re-emegence of contemplative spirituality.”

May peace fill your life so love will overflow,
Rev. Robert

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