Prayer Class & High Watch Chaplain Training 2023


Wed, March 22 3pm
Introduction, Class Agreements, Create Sacred Space (Altar), Unity 5 Principles, Head/Heart, Aspects of God, Positive Prayer & its 5 Steps, and Invocations & Benediction. Share in Closing Prayer.
ASSIGNMENT: Read Chapters 1 & 4 and one assigned chapter in Come Apart for Awhile AND Write a five step positive prayer about your prayer life and intentions for this class AND Bring an altar token.

Sun, March 26 1pm
Sack Lunch Create Sacred Space (Altar token and read prayer), LOVE (Listen, Observe, Validate, Empower), Discuss Come Apart for Awhile (4 Ways to Pray: Conversational, Uplifting, Contemplative & Removing Blocks), Silent Unity; Pray with one another and Sing “Here I Am, Lord”
ASSIGNMENT: Finish Come Apart for Awhile AND Read Chapters 1-3 & 12 in Handbook of Positive Prayer AND Pray with your Prayer Partner & call Silent Unity AND Bring an altar token.

Wed, March 29 3pm
Create Sacred Space (Altar tokens with prayer partner), Silent Unity Experiences, Review Come Apart for Awhile. Discuss chapters 1-3 & 12 in Handbook of Positive Prayer & review book contents, Learn 8 step prayer method , Receive Spiritual Practices and Review Chaplain role.
ASSIGNMENT: Give prayerful consideration to becoming a Chaplain and if interested, receive the Training Manual for more information. Write a personal 8 step prayer for becoming a High Watch Prayer Chaplain.

Sun, April 2 after service
Monthly Prayer Chaplain Gathering, Sharing and Q/A

Wed, April 5 3pm
Create Sacred Space with prayers, High Watch CHAPLAIN TRAINING Manual reviewed and discussed with Four Kinds of Listening (argumentative, antagonistic, autobiographical, empathetic/focused), Giving & Receiving in Silence, 8 Step Prayer Method practice, Self-care and Chaplain role description with more opportunities to pray.
ASSIGNMENT: Prayerfully sign a Prayer Chaplain Dedication if called.

Sun, April 9 11am
Blessing our High Watch Prayer Chaplain Team at the EASTER Service