Peregrinatio & Seeking Your Place of Resurrection Process

  1. Step across the threshold ~ liminal realm; creativity/beyond time & space
  2. Release control of the outcome ~ giving up
  3. Yield to seasonal rhythms ~ Easter/resurrection & Spring
  4. Journey into discovery ~ daily willingness & commitment
  5. Listen to intuition, dreams, synchronicities & symbols ~ encounter numinous
  6. Allow the process to unfold organically and allowing disruption ~ allow!
  7. Embrace traveling in circles as you deepen in the process ~ freedom/fear


Peregrinatio and Seeking Quote

“In this profound practice, God becomes both destination and way, companion and guiding force.  God is in the call to the journey and the unfolding of the journey, and God greets us at the journey’s end.  The goal of this wandering is always to find the place of our resurrection, the place where our gifts can be brought fully to life for the rest of our days.”