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A Blessing of the Elements

May you go forth under the strength of Heaven, under the light of the sun, under the radiance of the moon. May you go forth with the splendor of fire, with the speed of lightning, and with the swiftness of wind. May you go forth supported by the depth of sea, by the stability of earth, by the firmness of rock. May you be surrounded and encircled, Above, below and about, With the Love and Grace of the Divine. And so it...

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Living Light

SVN MAY 2017 ARTICLE ~ THEME: THE LIGHT WITHIN/BELTANE Living Light by Pam Douglas-Smith A daily TUT Note from the Universe speaks to the transformative, dynamic power of inner light and compassionate wisdom . . . the metta of loving kindness.  It seems like the perfect reminder for our world today as we move through global societal challenges and unite in seeking to consciously create a world that works for all. “Primitive societies live by the Rule of Might, and the strong prevail.                                 ...

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Olympic Discovery Trail

Summer 2017      “The Olympic Discovery Trail Issue”                                                                                            The Living End column by Rev. Pam Douglas-Smith THE JOY OF DISCOVERING  “Keep close to Nature’s heart…                                                         ...

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Taize Service

Taize – contemplative chanting from the Christian tradition Sun, August 27 @ 5:00 PM — 6:00 PM Unity Church, 3918 San Juan Ave, Port Townsend, WA, USA SHARE View on Google...

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August and September Themes

Revelations – Entering the Dreamtime August  6    Rev. Pam with Breaking the Seals 13  Special Guest:  Jana Stanfield 20  Rev. Pam with Angels of the Churches 27  Rev. Pam with Mother, Child and Dragon September 3    Rev. Pam with Horsemen of Apocalypse 10  Rev. Pam with The Garden of Life 17  Guest Speaker:  Simon de Voil 24​  Guest Speaker:  Jeanette...

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