Author: Jeanette

Festival of Lights

      Unity’s Annual Festival of Lights will be December 1-2-3 this year. Our cookies are being baked, soups being stirred and our beautiful crafting elves are busy busy busy. The Silent Auction is even more spectacualar than ever with all kinds of new and exciting specials to bid on. Don’t miss this event this year. Even Father Christmas will be there and you can have your picture taken with him. We also have a special group of our best psychic readers on hand to help you get ready for the new...

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Ben Wanders Poem

Ben Wander’s Poem ~ If You Find Me Down On My Knees   If you find me down on my knees Don’t assume the worst Sometimes it just hurts I haven’t given up I haven’t given in I have fallen   If you find me down on my knees Just know I’m here for a reason To draw upon the power of the Spirits, my ancestors And the seasons To let the fire from within the Earth rise Through the surface and into my heart To reignite the flame that’s lost its flicker   If you find me down on my knees Look at the path I have walked You will see I’ve knelt down many times before You will know I’ll be here once more To pray   If you find me kneeling down on my knees And if you’re being called Kneel down beside me Together, we can listen to the beating drums And place our hands on Mother Earth Letting her heart dance with ours We’ll rise with Great Spirit Being held by...

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