Unity Church of Port Townsend ~ Unity Spiritual Enrichment Center


Welcome message from our minister, Pamela Douglas-Smith


We are an authentic transformative spiritual community. Centered in God, we co-create a world that works for all.


Our mission is to promote spiritual awareness and conscious living through inspirational services, music and programs                                                              that honor the Divine Presence within.


We lovingly welcome people of all spiritual paths and diverse lifestyles.

We constantly innovate to provide new, positive and exciting experiences.

We operate within a culture of appreciation, growth and accountability.

Upcoming Messages

Revelations and dreamtime. Sunday messages from Rev Pam at Unity Port Townsend

Here are the message themes for the coming  month. Get excited!

The Gnostic Gospels

October  11 am Service

  • 1    Cherie Byrd with Embodying Spirit
  • 8    Rev Pam with Gnostic Wisdom and Pilgrimage
  • 15  Rev Pam with The Gnosis of Christ
  • 22  Rev Pam with The Gnostic Gospels
  • 29 Rev Pam with The Gospel of Thomas

October  5 pm Meditation Service

  • 1    Michale McKee with Resting in Spirit
  • 8   Rev Simon de Voil with Heartsong
  • 15 Rev Simon de Voil with Prayer Dance
  • 22 Susanne Skadron with Taize Chang
  • 29 Rev Pam with Peace, Be Still and Know Meditation