Ben Wander’s Poem ~ If You Find Me Down On My Knees


If you find me down on my knees

Don’t assume the worst

Sometimes it just hurts

I haven’t given up

I haven’t given in

I have fallen


If you find me down on my knees

Just know I’m here for a reason

To draw upon the power of the Spirits, my ancestors

And the seasons

To let the fire from within the Earth rise

Through the surface and into my heart

To reignite the flame that’s lost its flicker


If you find me down on my knees

Look at the path I have walked

You will see I’ve knelt down many times before

You will know I’ll be here once more

To pray


If you find me kneeling down on my knees

And if you’re being called

Kneel down beside me

Together, we can listen to the beating drums

And place our hands on Mother Earth

Letting her heart dance with ours

We’ll rise with Great Spirit

Being held by God