Spring Flowers for Beltane


Living Light by Pam Douglas-Smith

A daily TUT Note from the Universe speaks to the transformative, dynamic power of inner light and compassionate wisdom . . . the metta of loving kindness.  It seems like the perfect reminder for our world today as we move through global societal challenges and unite in seeking to consciously create a world that works for all.

“Primitive societies live by the Rule of Might, and the strong prevail.                                                Advanced societies live by the Rule of Law, and the privileged prevail.                                                       Enlightened societies live by the Rule of Love, and everyone is lifted higher.”

Of these three choices, there are two old familiar ones and one that truly shines above all the rest.  It comes from perennial wisdom from the world spiritual traditions.  It begins with each of us expressing our inner Light of Love in ways both mystical and practical.  From the unitive field of co-creative light energy to the collective consciousness of human souls to the power of prayer and meditation to shift the very cells of our earth . . . it’s all about enlightenment.

We are living in an age of Transformational Shift that is altering not only our perceptions and awareness, but our entire concept of time and space.  It is inviting us to move from “homo sapiens” to what Barbara Marx Hubbard calls “homo universalis.”  We are being called to see the energetic link between the potential and the manifest, and to move more consciously between those two interwoven realms.   We can perceive with true illumination in touching the energetic essential reality, and thus bring enlightenment to our spiritual work.

The Quantum Physicist David Boehm reminds us that “All matter is frozen light.”  This is in profound alignment with the ancient teachings of the world spiritual traditions.  Our experiences as individuals, as co-creators, and as humanity contribute to the living of this Truth. All around the world, celebrations of the outer light of the universe occur as the equinoxes and solstices cycle though seasons in a cosmic pattern that reflects the order of outer nature, the perceptions of time and space, and the individual soul unfoldment through changing light and eternal Light.  In most spiritual traditions, the recognition of the inner Light of the human soul is deeply interwoven into concepts of the place of communion between humanity and divinity.

Energetically, we are living in a time of universal alchemy.  We are in an Age where we are shifting from a focus on the element of water which represents the inner, unconscious, emotional realm into one centered in fire element through which we engage powerful transformative energies.  Fire is symbolic of Light.  It is the warm, cozy hearth, it is the candle that illumines a room, it is the spark of creativity within, it is the purifier of impurities, and it is the conflagration that reduces all to ashes.  Its powerful creative, spiritual energies call each of us to be like a Phoenix rising from the ashes just as our consciousness arises with enlightenment.

The ancient wisdom is awakening anew and continues to “Light our way.”  Quantum physics particle researchers had something new and amazing “come to Light” with the discovery of the Higgs Boson subatomic particle.  It is being commonly referred to by many as the “God Particle,” and its essence is the creative spark in the energetic form of Light.   I was fascinated when one interviewed scientist expressed his discomfort with the use of a spiritual term like God in relation to this scientifically defined particle.  Then, with a quizzical look, he admitted that it was quite interesting for him to realize that the Hebrew, Christian  and other Scriptures begin with “let there light,” which was essentially what he was saying as well.  It’s all Light.

This model of the universe aligns perfectly with Lynn McTaggart  in her quantum field work  . . .  “What quantum calculations show is that we and our universe live and breathe in a sea of motion . . . a quantum sea of light. Science for the first time was proving God’s existence.”  The truth of the ancients is harmonizing in powerful ways with the truth of the modern age . . . the long overdue reconciliation of science and spirit into a united world view is finally emerging.

The Hopi Tradition also envisions us at a time of shifting from one level of spiritual and material understanding to the next in the unfolding of the next great Spiral of Life.  Their wisdom includes the wonderful reminder that “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”  It is our time, it is our calling, it is our responsibility, and it is our honor to exist at this time in human evolution and expanded consciousness.  We are evolving from might and law based relationships to those grounded in love . . . not only between ourselves, but with nature and the cosmos.

The real challenge comes  because this process is must be lived and not just contemplated.  Dwight Kalita in Light Consciousness summarizes the importance of our perceptions and dedications when he writes, “We as human beings will not find real spiritual Power in any language of Light-consciousness, be it symbolic or otherwise.  Rather, we will discover spiritual Power only in the experience of Light-consciousness!”

​ It is time for us to “let there be Light” . . . and to “be the Light of the world” . . . to be empowered and transformed with, through and in our calling as co-creators.   But let us also remember to do our spiritual evolution with joyful hearts and enlightened minds that perceive blessings all around.  Let us remember to not take ourselves and life too seriously, because a lightness of spirit is essential to embracing this process.  That’s something many of us could use these days.  As an old Scottish saying reminds us . . .

Angels can fly because they take things so lightly.